Senbe Lighting founded in 2006, and has been specialized in neon flex led for 11 years. We supply high quality linear lighting solutions based on flexible printed circuit boards for decorative or architectural applications. They can be used indoor or outdoor. We have ETL, CE and ROHS by TUV for all products.

We have rich experience in manufacturing, design, marketing and service. Our products are proved to superior performance on waterproof (IP68), UV resistant, DIY cutting & connecting accessories and uniform neon light effect. Our company has advanced LED luminaire manufacturing facilities such as extruding machine, reflow soldering machine, and professional test equipment, such as IP68 waterproof level test machine, integrating spheres, etc.

河北十一选五实时推荐 www.tvxds.icu Light is our passion. Based on the depth of LED knowledge, we are constantly working on improving products and service for your lighting requirement. Excellent Senbe Lighting has already provided inspiration for thousands of designers, architects and engineers all over the world. With our customer, we actively explore the ideas in architectural, residential, commercial, and industrial lighting.

電話: 020-34695261
QQ : 2842870170
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